“Cole” by J. B. Hartnett


ARC received by the author in exchange for an honest review

It was with bated breath I started reading this book after the horrendous cliffhanger in “Inky”! I kept telling myself that this couple WOULD get their HEA (Happy-Ever-After), but I was not altogether sure of all the heartbreak they had to go through to get it. I was reading so fast because I could not wait to learn what would happen next.

After Inky is taken, we get to experience the next 24 hours – and the rest of the story – from not only Inky’s perspective, but Cole’s as well, and I really love that the author decided to write this book in dual POV’s – as I wrote in my review of “Inky”, I simply could not wait to get inside Cole’s head and get to know him better.
And I must say that the author definitely did not disappoint me! What an amazing man Cole is. The way he handles Inky’s abduction felt extremely real to me. He is scared, furious, wild and not afraid to show his emotions to his family. I was almost praying for Inky’s safe return side by side with him, that is how real it felt to me.
I loved how intense Cole feels about Inky – it is so beautiful, and the best part is that Inky feels exactly the same about him.

“Yes. No matter what happens. That’s my answer if something goes wrong. I love you, forever baby. Forever”. (Inky)

Luckily, Inky IS released from the clutches of Joe – and I am NOT feeling conflicted about his demise, not at all – and I was happy to see how their relationship grew as time went by. The pace of the story settles down a bit, which I was very happy with, and when you find out that Inky decides to talk with a psychologist about her past, I almost jumped up and down and shouted “YES!” to the living room! I was really waiting for that to happen, because I just felt that neither Inky, nor Cole, would be able to move forward completely if they did not see the necessity of speaking with a professional about their traumas. Otherwise, the story would have lost some of its believability in my opinion.
As you know, I really adored Inky in the first book. And I still do! She is still this strong willed, beautiful, quirky woman who is determined to find her place in the world, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Cole is her perfect match. He understands her like no other – except, perhaps, apart from Aimes – and he understands her pain and what she needs from him. I really feel that the author excelled at showing us that they are, truly, soul mates.

“This was our fate. Her ugliness and mine made us fit”. (Cole)

I love the banter this couple has with each other! I mean, there are, again, some very laugh-out-loud moments, so readers who enjoyed this aspect in book one, will definitely be satisfied with “Cole”.

“Are my sexy cupcake flannel pajama’s making you hot?” (Inky)
“You have no idea. Why do you think I bought ’em?” (Cole)

Oh, and the scene with the Thanksgiving dinner? Hilarious! THIS is what makes a great book to me: lots of drama and intensity, but plenty of humor and simplicity as well – Miss Hartnett, you have done it again!

As with “Inky”, the secondary characters are well developed. I like that we get to know Cole’s parents better, but I will never really understand Richard, Cole’s father. But that is just the wayI feel.

I will not say more about what happens in the book – you HAVE to read it for yourself – because I do not want to make the mistake of giving too much of the story away. And no, many of you may not enjoy it, but that is the beauty about books: everyone can feel differently about the same story, and that is ALLOWED! 😉

I must admit that the dual POV’s is what makes this a better book for me – I admit it, I love getting to know the hero’s thoughts and feelings – and I think the author has managed to show us who Cole REALLY is: kind, generous, protective, and hot.
As I said about “Inky”: if you want a book with plenty of emotions, with highs and lows,”Cole” will live up to your expectations. oh, and what I believe I failed to say before: those of you who want steamy sex scenes will get your wish! There is plenty of that as well! 😉

I am really looking forward to seeing what J. B. Hartnett conjures up for us in the future. No pressure! 🙂

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