Cover Reveal: “Lost In France” (Firebird Trilogy #1) by Jani Kay – Synopsis, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Here is yet another book I cannot wait to read – the cover looks stunning, does it not? At the end of the cover reveal & synopsis, you will find an excerpt and a giveaway.


Lost In France Cover

Cover Design © Arijana Karčić, Cover It! Designs

Release Date

28th November 2013 


Lost in France is an erotic contemporary romance novel set in Paris, the city of Love and Romance. Part 1 of 3 in the exciting new Firebird Series. 
Offered a thrilling new job, Rebecca flees her tormented past, putting as much distance between herself and her ex-lover, wanting a fresh beginning in a foreign city. 
On the airplane she meets Alain, a dangerously handsome Frenchman, who seduces her with his charming European ways. But her new boss, super arrogant CEO, Maxwell Grant, doesn’t like her entanglement with the Frenchman; he wants Rebecca to himself…
Rebecca hates her boss and tells him in so many words – a career limiting move if ever there was one… 
Is Rebecca jumping from one hotter-than-hell fire into another? And will she finally find what she is looking for? 

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Jani has been married for a long time to a special man, and her two children and their partners are the sunshine in her life. She is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book – always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else’s eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite ‘thing’ is traveling – she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby – Scrapbooking – keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and Happiness – arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).

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Enjoy the excerpt, ladies!

Meet Alain, Rebecca’s sexy self-appointed tour guide in France:

The ocean was shimmering indigo. We reached a spot where several boats had anchored and people were swimming nearby in patches of pale blue water which was completely transparent.

We sat on the rocks to rest for a while. I couldn’t resist splashing Alain with the cool water. He laughed and splashed me back. Before long, I was soaked, my blouse and skirt clinging to my body.

“Mademoiselle, I think I want to have my way with you here on the beach,” he said as he stared down at my breasts, my nipples were hard and completely visible through my wet shirt. Laughing, I jumped up and ran away playfully, hoping he would come after me.

He caught me within a few strides and tumbled me to the ground. His arms caged me in and I felt the weight of his body on top of me. I tasted the salt on his lips as he kissed me, passion raging through us both as the water lapped at our ankles. He kissed my eyes, my mouth and down my neck.

“I like the taste of you all salty,” he said huskily. His head dipped lower as he freed my breasts, kissing and sucking the saltiness off my skin. He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, then bit down on it before lavishing it gently with his tongue. His hand disappeared under my skirt, stroking me through the wet fabric. I didn’t know how much of this I could take.

What if some random people found us here? The possibility turned me on even more.

“Come,” he said as he pulled me up, “time for a shower.” I followed him up the stairs, grinning as I checked out his fine ass. I couldn’t wait to get to the shower.

My turn now!

In the bathroom, Alain turned the shower on and placed fresh towels on the shelf. His hair hung over his forehead, his jeans totally wet from rolling in the sand. As he turned to leave the bathroom, I dropped my shirt to the floor and his eyes widened as I stepped out of my skirt and stood before him in my wet clingy underwear that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. He groaned loudly.

“Cherie, you didn’t know what you are doing!”

Oh yes Alain, I know exactly what I’m doing. Payback time, baby.

I fell to my knees and undid the buckle of his belt. He hissed through his teeth as I pulled the zipper down.

“Sacrebleu!” He threw his head backward and fisted my hair, holding my head in place.  The taste of him mixed with sea salt was intoxicating. He leaned forward as if he couldn’t get enough of my mouth on him.

And now for the giveaway!
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