Random Musings Of A Bookaholic, part 3

Hello, everyone.

I know it has been a while since I made a similar post. Initially, I thought I would write such a post twice a month – however, I have to admit that I do not have the time to do that, so I am cutting it down to once a month instead. Besides, I am not that interesting. 😉

Today, I thought I would tell you a but more about myself and I will also give you my current TBR list. I do have a few ARCs to read as well so I think it is safe to say that my list will not differ much over the next few months. You never know with me, though…

So, onwards to giving you a little more insight as to who this Danish Bookaholic is.

1) I am not a journalist or a professional writer of any kind. My day job is in the shipping & freighting business. Rather shocking, is it not? To tell you the truth, I never thought that that would be my line of work…Sometimes, I still wonder if I made the right choice, career-wise, but isn’t that always the way? Anyway, I enjoy it very much because I get to talk with a great many different people every day + I LOVE being a problem-solver!

2) Before I met my hubby, I did not, under any circumstance, want children. I was 100% positive that I did not carry the “Mum Gene”, and I did not even like children that much. I know, I know, it sounds pretty stupid. I am still the kind of person who needs my “alone time” and luckily, I am blessed to have an amazing husband who understands and respects that about me and gives me that. ❤️

3) I absolutely HATE it when people are late and do not call me to say they will not be able to meet me at the appointed time. EXCEPT when my closest and dearest friend does it. (You know who you are. 😉) I have known this woman since 5th grade so I am used to the fact that she is often 5-10 mins late.

4) I have an illness: it is called OWPD – “Obsessed-With-Paperbacks-Disorder”. LOL! Okay, one should never joke about these things but it is true. I think the hubby was under the impression that I would buy less paperbacks when I got my Kindle – but he was so wrong! Whenever I have read a book I love, I have to own the printed version, too…Sorry, hubby! 😉

5) I will rather spend money on books than clothes. Please do not get me wrong: I love shopping! I love new clothes, to dress up and make myself look great. I especially love beautiful lingerie. BUT: if given the choice, I would rather spend my last dollar on books…A true bookaholic, eh?

So, there you have it: 5 random things about me. I hope I have not bored you to death! 😉

And now for my current TBR list…As always, ARCs are not included. I hope you will get inspired! ❤️

Wicked_Beat.JPG LouderThanLove TryCoverJustHuman StillHuman New Playing With Her Heart cover StubbornLove ALittleTooFar Consequences Truth Convicted Stripped.JPG

As with my previous similar posts, click on the title of the book and you will be directed to Amazon Kindle Store.

“Wicked Beat” by Olivia Cunning – I know, I know…Eric Sticks is actually my favourite of the Sinners boys, so I really need to read his story.

“Louder Than Love” by Jessica Topper – Sigh. I really want to read this so I best get on with it.

“Try” by Ella Frank – My second M/M read and all the bloggers I know are raving about this book!

“Just Human” & “Still Human” by Kerry Heavens – I was so lucky to win these books and the reviews are fab!

“Playing With Her Heart” by Lauren Blakely – I am fast becoming a fan of this author’s work and I have been told that this is one of her best books.

“Stubborn Love” by Natalie Ward – The companion novel to “I Love You To Death” which is one of my all-time-favourites.

“A Little Too Far” by Lisa Desrochers – I love a good book with a taboo love story and this one has two!

“Consequences“, “Truth” and “Convicted” by Aleatha Romig – I am prepared to get my mind blown away and am glad I bought the books once all three became available.

“Stripped” by Jasinda Wilder – I am guessing I will be in need of a sweet romance after having read the above books so that is why this one is back on my list.

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