“A Reason To Kill” (Reason #2) by C. P. Smith – My Review


Title: “A Reason To Kill” (Reason Series #2)

Author: C. P. Smith

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 21st November, 2014.



WARNING: Author believes in soul mates and insta-love, proceed with caution if you’re not a romantic at heart.

You’ve met Jack from “A Reason To Breathe” now meet his cousin and lumberjack Max, Max Hunter or as Mia likes to call him Thor, God of Thunder

You know what they say about lust at first sight…..It’s a seven deadly sin but when you sin . . . you sin hard.

Max Hunter has a problem, well, two, actually. One he fished out of the river and the other…A killer.

Mia Roberts has a problem that stands six foot five and swings an axe like a God. On assignment to study the grizzlies of the Alaskan frontier, she stumbles across a body and then stumbles into the arms of a lumberjack she can’t resist.

Throw in Max’s mother, a handful of crazy friends and family and you have a recipe for adventure.

Rated B for Bossy, F for funny, T for Thor, God of Thunder, R for language, explicit sexual content and EDIBLE UNDIES. For mature audiences only. 18 and above.




My Review

Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

I love romance novels – no surprise there, I know – and I even love romantic comedy when it is done right. They are the books I turn to when I have had a long stretch of “heavy reads” and when I need something a bit lighter, yet still romantic, and with a solid plot, to read. And I am thrilled to say that this book, “A Reason To Kill”, by C. P. Smith was exactly what I needed – and the fact that I do not seem able to let the story go, and even bring out my Kindle in order to read certain scenes again, tells me that I am in love. So I might as well admit it right away: another book has been added to my all-time favorite books shelf. And thank you, Miss Smith! *wink*

Now, I will not go into too many details about the story line because I feel that the synopsis ought to be enough – I am not after providing you with spoilers, dear readers, and you should know that about me already – and I only hope that I will be able to convey how much I love this book without ruining it for you.

Thirty-year-old Mia Roberts is a very smart, attractive, adorably klutzy zoologist whose field of expertise is the grizzly bear. She has been sent to Alaska for the first time, and although loving her line of work, she is a city girl, meaning that she definitely does not seem to be the right person for the job – apart from her love of the bears, of course. It does not exactly help matters that, on the day of her arrival to Trails End, Alaska, she manages to catch the attention of one very bossy, very alpha lumberjack: Max Hunter.

Max is thirty-three, a very prominent figure in town, single, and happy to stay that way – until Mia comes along – and he almost immediately knows that she will become “a pain in his ass”, as he likes to call it. When the murder of Mia’s incredibly annoying boss happens on the same day, his prophesy seems to come true: apparently, Mia seems to be the kind of woman who lands herself in trouble, even when she does not mean to, and Max cannot seem to help letting out his alpha tendencies, thus feeling very protective of Mia.

The question is, though, if Mia will allow Max to become more than a fling? Well, you will have to read the book in order to find out.

“Never in my life had I met a man who acted, well, like a man. Apparently, I’ve been surrounded by she-men all this time and the whole experience was rather eye opening, if not a little life altering if I was honest. Where do men like that come from and where have they been hiding all my life?” (Mia)

To be perfectly honest, I am harboring a bit of a girl crush on Mia: I love her commitment to these incredible animals; her feisty – and quirky – personality made me shake my head while having a big smile pasted on my face at the same time; she has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong; and, last, I enjoyed how she became befuddled or shy when she first gets to know Max. But none of her character traits seem to be unrealistic or too much: no, she seems real to me.

As for Max…*deep sigh* No, I may not want to move to Alaska, but I can definitely see how any woman would feel tempted when faced with a commanding lumberjack the likes of him. The way he instinctively knows how to handle Mia is incredibly funny to read about, but what really gets to me is his sweet mixed in with his alpha personality: this man is not afraid to let his feelings come to life, and that speaks highly of him.

Mia, the reality of you, of how I feel now that I’ve found you…Christ, it far outweighs any dream. I see you, all of you, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Now I’m askin’ you to look at me, see me, see what we can have together and fuckin’ take what’s already yours.” (Max)

Like I said in the beginning, this is a romantic comedy, but I love that there also is a mystery to be solved; even though I had a few suspicions about who the culprit was, I was never completely sure until the big reveal took place, so I really feel that Miss Smith has managed to deliver a very engaging and suspenseful book when you look at that specific element of the book alone.

I would also like to address that although the author “warns” her readers in the book – about it being about insta-love – it really does not feel like it. Yes, there is a very powerful physical attraction simmering right from the beginning, but what I love about this book is that it certainly does not feel like it. Somehow, Mia and Max manage to get to know each other really well in a short period of time, and I really swooned as I got to see what a strong connection they find in each other.

I feel that it would be wrong to leave out two very important aspects that stood out to me while I was reading this book. One is the environment and setting the author has chosen to venture into: I sometimes felt as if I were inside the book because she managed to draw a very vivid picture of these two factors. The bears, the nature and the work entailed to keep them safe – and keeping the human population safe from the bears – was very fascinating to me. Second, I have to mention two of the most amazing secondary characters I have ever come across: the feisty Maxine – Max’ mother – and her friend, Martha: Oh…my…god! Let me just say that I want to be Maxine when I grow up! *wink* Seriously, these older women nearly made me wet my panties with their antics!

If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh hard, and one that definitely focus on two very believable characters which will make you combust with their sexual chemistry, look no further: this is the book for you. So thank you, Miss Smith, for writing this story! I am very much looking forward to your next.




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C.P. Smith is a stay-at-home mom. The need for more stories featuring older couples is the driving force behind her writing. Love isn’t just for the young it’s for everyone. A first kiss at 18 or 50 is still a first kiss–full of wonder and expectation.




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