My Reviews

If there, by some miracle, are authors who want to contact me in regards to reviewing their book(s), please contact me by using this form.


My review will be posted on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, & Goodreads. I will always be honest and respectful in my reviews, but please bear in mind as well that I may not enjoy your book, and in some cases not finish reading it. If this happens, I won’t post a review.


Genres I read

I would like to stress that I usually only read contemporary romance, erotic romance and new adult. I very rarely venture into paranormal/urban or science fiction, so I’m not the right person to review these types of books.





Whenever I give a book 5 stars, it means that I think it is an amazing story – that the storyline is engaging, the characters are well-developed and real to me, and that I had difficulty with putting the book down. There may be some editorial issues, but none that I cannot overlook. Further, it means that I will most likely read the book many times, thus putting it on my Favourite Books section.



The story is still amazing, the same with the characters – but the book lacked that indefinable “something” that makes it perfect to me; and it may not have anything to do with the editing, though it can be a contributing factor. It still means that the book is practically unputdownable to me.



A book will get 3 stars from me when I think the story is still good, but fails to completely take me in. It will also mean that although I find the characters to be believable, I do not connect with them. Lastly, I will not have any problems with putting the book down and do something else.



First and foremost, 2 stars mean that I have a really hard time with believing in the characters, they do not seem real to me at all. Second, I will find it extremely difficult to finish reading the book, and this usually also has something to do with the subject matter. Third, there are too many editorial issues that even I, a Dane, cannot ignore and that I find extremely irritating.


Okay, 1 star means that I fail to finish reading the book. The issues above (2 stars reviews) will be the same, only magnified. I will have a hard time with the subject matter for different reasons.


Always remember that the reviews posted on my blog are subjective, and that means mine alone! Also, I must admit that I do not think I will be posting any reviews that have less than 3 stars. 

Oh, I should probably also mention that if an author gifts me with an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) in exchange for an honest review, that is what it will be – nothing more, noting less. I do not get paid by authors to review their work! 

Lastly, if it does not say at the top of my review that the book is an ARC, it means that all the books are bought by myself. 



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